Do you provide a health guarantee and a contract?


Yes, we guarantee our puppies for two years from the date of birth to be free from life-threatening or debilitating congenital or hereditary defects.
Yes, we provide a contract that expresses the terms of the sale and defines the expectations of the seller and buyer involved in the transaction.
If you are serious about purchasing a Huckleberry Hills D&P pup, you can ask us for a copy of our contract so you can view the terms beforehand.

What do the puppies Leave with?


health guarantee

Our puppies are all sent home with a 2-Year Genetic Health Guarantee, so future families will have total peace of mind knowing they are bringing a healthy new addition home.
We stand behind every one of our dogs!

vet check & vaccinations

Our puppies visit our vet between 7.5 and 8 weeks of age
to receive a thorough head-to-paw health check and receive their first set of vaccines. A health and vaccine certificate will
both be provided to families. 

Puppy GO home bag

Our take-home package is pretty extensive! We include a grooming guide, a small package of puppy food, a blanket with mom’s scent, a hydro flask with water dish, a heartbeat puppy, toys, treats, potty bags & holder, registration info, Huckleberry bag, etc!


All of our puppies are microchipped before leaving our care so they are never without identification. We microchip using a sterile single-use disposable applicator to provide total safety for your puppy. 

pet insurance trial

Each puppy will leave with a 4-week trial with Trupanion Pet Insurance set to begin following pick-up. We will provide information on policy options available at time of pickup, as well as how to get started.

safe deworming protocol

We follow a gentle yet effective deworming protocol with each of our litters to help protect them from intestinal parasites. Our protocol is vet-approved and very safe. All deworming details are provided to families. 

Rear Dewclaw removal

Rear dewclaws will be removed (unless there are unique circumstances). They are more likely to tear or get injured than the fronts, so we remove them for your puppy’s safety. We do not remove front dewclaws.

grooming care

Each puppy will have their nails trimmed weekly and will be brushed regularly while with us. We bathe everyone with a gentle puppy shampoo and clean their ears with a mild cleanser before they head home. 

Lifetime breeder support

We will always be available to reach out to if you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles dog, no matter their age. We will always try our best to provide sound advice for any scenario. 

Will You Take Back the Dog
If I’m No Longer Able to Keep Them?


One of our Frequently • Asked • Questions that we hope will be unnecessary, but we love our puppies and are always here for them.
Yes, we have a take-back policy where we insist that you contact us at any time for any reason that you are unable to care for your dog.
We will take the dog back into our own home and the current owner will cover all fees involved in delivering dog back to us.

Can we visit and meet the parents?


We do welcome visitors with scheduled appointments.  We schedule these visits on days when our puppies are going home.  You will get to see firsthand some of our wonderful puppies, and the care that we give them.  You will also be able to meet some of our mommas too!

For the safety of our puppies, we have certain rules that must be followed when visiting.

Before Your Visit

•  Please do not visit any kennels, pet stores, breeders, dog parks or places where there could be unvaccinated dogs on the day of your visit.
•  You will be asked to sanitize your hands and put on a sterile gown before handling the puppies.
•  Your shoes will be disinfected upon entering and booties will be provided to wear.
•  You are to stay in the designated areas as we have small puppies and dogs in breeding areas and nurseries that cannot be disturbed.

facetime Visit

If unable to visit in person, we can schedule a FaceTime call to allow you to view our dogs in person on the phone.

Visiting our parents is an important Frequently • Asked • Questions because finding a happy, healthy puppy starts with their parents. 

Are the puppies registered?


Yes, the puppies will be registered.
The Sheepadoodles come with CKC registeration because they are a designer breed (not purebred).
The standard Poodles come with a limited AKC registration because they are purebred, with a spay/neuter contract and no breeding rights.