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Application process

Ready for a puppy? Start with the Puppy Application.

We breed standards F1 Sheepadoodles and standard Poodles. Sheepadoodle females range from 45-65 and males 55-75 and up. Poodle females range from 40-50 and males 55-65.

F1 Sheepadoodle puppies price range:

  • $3000  Black & white
  • $4500 – $5500 merle

**F1 Sheepadoodles sold with spay/neuter contract
**Litters are registered with CKC

Poodle puppies price range:

  • $2500+  Partis/ Phantoms
  • $3500+  Merle / Tri-color

**Poodles are sold with spay/neuter contract
**Litters are registered with Limited AKC and CKC

Special Note: These prices are estimations and subject to change based on temperament, markings, and specialty prospect ability.

Once you have submitted a puppy application and it is approved, then we will send you an email with information on how to send in your non-refundable $500 deposit. This will place you on the Master Puppy List. Deposits can be made through Zelle. Your deposit is applied to the balance of your puppy.

Once this is all completed, you become a member of Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles!  As a member, you receive a lifetime of support, discounts for added furry family members and invitations to our reunions!


Puppy Application Form

Once on the List

Once you fill out the Puppy Application and a deposit is received, you will be placed on our Master Puppy List. This list is maintained in chronological order and contacted when there is a litter available to choose from. Each week I post weekly birthday photos of the puppies on our social media and I’ll publish a 5 week video to introduce each pup so that their progress can be seen. Choosing a puppy starts when the puppies are around 3 weeks old. I schedule 30 minute private appointments on a Saturday and run through the list by “Choice Placement:” 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. You are welcome to come in person to choose your puppy at your scheduled time. However, if you are not able to visit at your scheduled time, I can FaceTime with you and introduce each available puppy for you to choose from. You are never obligated to take a puppy if you do not find one that is perfect for your family, you will just remain on the list till the next opportunity.

wellness exam

We have a wonderful veterinarian where we take our puppies to be examined when they are around 7 weeks old. They receive a full wellness exam and their first round of their puppy immunization. We also deworm the puppies at 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old.

going home day

Once the puppies are 8 weeks old, you have a week to pick up your puppy. After 9 weeks, a $50 daily boarding fee is charged. Your puppy will go home with his/her health record; documentation; a toy; a blanket with the scent of momma and litter mates; a leash and collar; potty bag holder; puppy food; treats; water bottle and collapsible water dish; and a Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles bag.

Puppy Go Home Bag

Vet check upon receiving

We ask that you schedule to have a New Puppy Health Exam within 3 days of receiving your puppy to guarantee the health of your new addition. If vet check is delayed the health guarantee is void. Once your puppy application is accepted, we encourage you to schedule your puppies well check so they get a timely appointment.

Remember “Four Off The Floor.” Especially at the vets, do not let your puppy place his/her feet on the floor in order to keep him/her safe from illnesses until all the vaccinations are finished.

staying in touch

Once your puppy is at home with you, the relationship with Huckleberry Hills Doodles & Poodles does not end. We love to stay in touch, answer any questions and receive updates and photos from our families. We host a reunion yearly.