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Designing quality • beautiful • intelligent • Loving Dogs

Welcome to Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles! We work diligently to design quality, beautiful, intelligent and loving dogs by extensively health and temperament testing parents, evaluating conformation of each one, and matching them with partners to bring out the best in each litter of puppies.

Our philosophy is simple. We desire to positively influence each specific breed by creating happy, healthy, temperamentally sound, heart-changing puppies. We work hard to ensure each pup will be well-adjusted and ready for his/her future journey with their family. With carefully selected genetics combined with our extensive puppy curriculum, we believe the puppies we offer will be amazing candidates for pet families, emotional support, therapy work, service assistance, sporting, and canine competition events. We are confidant that our puppies will be amazing, well-balanced, people focused, family companions for the duration of their lifetime.


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Early Beginnings

Raised in Our home with us

Our dogs are raised inside our home with us and surrounded by our children and grandchildren when they visit. Being a part of our daily activities they will get all the extra love and attention our furry loved ones need.

Each litter will be whelped by us and delivered within our home. Receiving the best care that can be provided. As they grow we will introduce them to ENS and ESI  puppy stimulation, sound desensitizing, handling, socialization and exposure exercises. This will allow us to equip each puppy to be well rounded and confident, prepared for all they will encounter in the world. We believe starting with the best will help in designing quality, beautiful, intelligent and loving dogs!


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Breeding Style

careful & Ethical Breeding standards

We are committed to excellent ethical breeding standards. All of our parents have been health tested: Embark genetic tests, eye tests, B.A.E.R. hearing tests, cardiac tests, and Hip/elbow exams. Our sires and dams are all AKC and CKC registered. The puppies will go through our extensive puppy curriculum to prepare them to be stable, well rounded puppies for their furever family. This empowers us to continue designing quality, beautiful, intelligent and loving dogs.


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Doodles & Poodles

specialized in Select breeds

Sheepadoodles are a designed breed that combines two wonderful breeds into one spectacular designer dog that is less shedding and more hypoallergenic: Old English Sheepdog partnered with a Standard Poodle. These sweet and fluffy lovelies will be CKC registered F1 Sheepadoodles. They are comical, smart, high energy, gentle giants with wonderful, loving temperaments!

Poodles are a purebred dog breed that is athletic, loving, beautiful, people focused, intelligent, eager to please, playful, dignified, and highly trainable. They have a non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat and are a perfect match for those with allergies.

By specializing in these two styles of dogs, we are designing quality, beautiful, intelligent and loving dogs!


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We are committed to Designing quality, beautiful, intelligent and loving dogs!