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ABOUT Huckleberry Hills Doodles & Poodles

Welcome to Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles! We truly care about the health of our puppies. We work diligently to design quality, beautiful, intelligent, and loving dogs by extensively testing the health and temperament of our dams and sires in our breeding program. We go far beyond the basic genetic testing!

Our parents are DNA genetic health tested for over 180+ genetic mutations linked to diseases, including the genetic risk factors most relevant to their breed. Our dogs have completed their AIS PennHIP evaluation, which is the most accurate hip testing method to estimate the risk of Osteoarthritis (OA) of Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) later in life. In addition, our breeding dogs have their OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certifications for elbows, patellas, cardiac, hearing and eyes.

This testing allows Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles to make informed decisions for our breeding program. Producing healthy, happy puppies is very important to us! We guarantee the health of our puppies against genetic life-threatening defects for the first two years of their lives. We want you to have the peace of mind that you’re adding a healthy puppy to your family! We believe the puppies we offer will be amazing candidates for pet families, emotional support, therapy work, service assistance, sporting, and/or canine competition events. overall amazing companions for the duration of their lifetime.

Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles philosophy is simple. Our goal is to produce healthy, smart, sound animals with great conformation that will positively influence each specific breed.

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f1 Sheepadoodles

Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles has uniquely selected standard Parti Poodles and Merle Poodles to breed with our Old English Sheepdog sire, Sir Winston Oliver. Their beautiful markings combined with his qualities make beautiful F1 Sheepadoodles with outstanding temperaments, joyful personalities and intelligence that form amazing puppies! Not only are they stunning eye catchers, but they are playful, gentle, and easily trainable.


Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles has chosen beautifully marked standard Poodle ladies with wonderful temperaments to create magical tri-colored, phantom, parti and merle Poodles. These puppies are not only uniquely colored, but they are very intelligent, eager to please, athletic and family friendly.

What differentiates us from others?

With the small breeding program of Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles, we put forth an extraordinary amount of effort to raise healthy, happy, well socialized puppies. ​We are extremely passionate about what we do! Our dogs are beloved family members. They live in our home with us and receive the utmost care, never being kenneled outdoors.

We adhere to strict standards when raising and caring for our Sheepadoodles and Poodles. We dedicate all of our time and attention to our litters of puppies. They are whelped and raised inside our home with us. Each day we take their weights to ensure all puppies are healthy and thriving. They begin potty training with pine pellets at three weeks of age, then transition to outdoor potty training.

Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles puppies are all raised on a Puppy Curriculum. We perform Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) exercises and Early Scent Introduction (ESI) on our puppies. The curriculum we use is a service dog curriculum that consists of sound desensitization, handling exercises, and socialization & exposure activities. ​We also evaluate our puppies by using a puppy aptitude testing method. Testing for certain temperament traits allows us to assist our families in choosing the best puppy for their needs and lifestyle. 

In addition, ​our puppies are always seen by our reputable licensed veterinarian to perform all vaccinations and check-ups. We want to ensure there are no health concerns before our puppies go home with their new families. All puppies are microchipped and sent home with a puppy care package including a two year health guarantee, high quality Life’s Abundant All Stages food, training treats, Doodle grooming guide, collar, vet records, toy, heartbeat snuggly toy and a scent blanket.

Here at Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles, our goal is to place puppies in forever homes! We take all necessary precautions to ensure our puppies will be well loved and cared for throughout their lifetime. We also want to make sure our puppies are a good fit for your family and lifestyle. If you’re interested in finding Your Huckleberry with us, please feel free to ask us for references. We’d also be more than happy to give you our local vet’s contact information. We want you to feel 100% confident that you’re purchasing from a reliable, reputable breeder. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you have an exceptional experience when selecting a puppy from us! ​

To learn more about Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles Puppy Curriculum, go to our Puppy Curriculum page. To begin the process of finding Your Huckleberry, start by filling out Huckleberry Hills Doodles and Poodles Puppy Application

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